Getting ready for the Reception Class Nativity…


Our dancers took part in the Dance Spectacular last night. They were amazing.

Busy during the holidays…

A lot of workmen have been in school this holiday. They have made repairs, alterations and changed a few things round. Here is a picture of the outside of the school. Can you see anything different?


I met with the Junior Leadership Team todayy to discuss what they can do to improve our school. They have decided to produce a questionnaire and a suggestion box to get ideas from the other pupils. They will let you know what they found out.  We also had a great time in Costa because that’s where the best meetings can happen.


Thanks everyone for all their hard work this term. Have a great break and I look forward to seeing everyone in November. 


I went to choir this week…they sounded amazing.

I am really looking forward to their first public performance.

Junior Leadership Team

Today I met with the Head Boy/ Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy/ Deputy Head Girl. They have a very important role in school. One of them is to help me make our school a great school for everyone.

Today they got their special badges to show how important their role is.

We will keep posting ideas from the Team so watch this space.

National Poetry Day

Yesterday children heard poems read by different adults. I read this story to quite a few classes. It was written as a poem and the children had to work out what the next rhyme was . They also enjoyed hearing about how horrible Sam was to his sister.



I am very proud of our team who played brilliantly this evening and won their match.

Played 1… Won 1… the perfect start.

They won 5 – 0

A big thanks to all of the supporters and to Mr Haley for being a great team Manager.